An Introduction

About TiSS

TiSS is a software and IoT company focused on Industrial IoT to optimize energy consumption and extend industrial equipment life. We specialize in:

  • Optimizing energy consumption
  • Predictive maintenance 

We provide IoT based Energy Monitoring software to help companies and residential complexes monitor energy efficiency and maintain their equipment to avoid failure.

Working Environment


Working Environment

We believe that good workplace experience can improve employee performance and efficiency

We have a team of around 30 engineers, some of them working from home and some others working in the office.Our workplace culture helps us to have a stress-free and friendly working environment.

Our Team

Our team is a group of young, educated and talented engineers and designers

  • Electrical engineers
    phd and Msc
  • Software Engineers
    Bsc. / Msc.
  • IoT Engineers
  • Dev Ops Engineers
  • Data scientists
  • QA & Test Engineers
    Bsc. / Msc.
  • Product Designers
    Bsc. / Msc.

We are hiring!

Join our young and talented team now!

  • Python Developer
    Mid Level / Senior
  • Golang Developer
    Junior / Mid Level / Senior
  • QA / Test Engineer
    Mid Level / Senior